Throw Up On Each Other

At the breakfast table, my son started biting his nails.

Pertinent Historical Information: We actually let him bite his nails. He is so insane about having his nails cut that nail biting is preferable. We are not indulgent parents. We are scared someone will call the police. He picks one sentence to repeatedly shriek at the top of his formidable 6 year old lungs. Some gems from the past: “NO! STOP! GET AWAY FROM ME!!!” and “SOMEBODY HELP ME!!” and “YOU ARE TORTURING ME!!!” True story.

Anyway, I told my son that if he kept biting his nails at the breakfast table I would throw up all over him. He replied that if I threw up all over him, he would throw up all over me. That got me all excited to draw us throwing up all over each other. So, I jumped up from the table, grabbed the first piece of paper I could find and drew it.

Was this one of my finer parenting moments? Probably not.
throwing up on each other

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