Luc and I arrived home on Friday to find about 15 bees angrily buzzing around our kitchen! Another one was in the den! Another in the living room!! AND the rest of their mob was outside trying to get in! I swear I saw some tiny pitchforks and torches.

I closed all the doors to all the rooms and we barricaded ourselves upstairs. Unfortunately, it was the first hot day of spring and we were sweltering. We ordered Chinese and picniced on the bed.

Then, just like that, the bees were gone! Asleep? Elsewhere? Hiding? Who knew?

The next morning, they were back in force! We called a bee dude who said he has been called to several houses in the neighborhood. He explained that the previous day had probably been the scouts, and now they were back … with the queen! Zoiks! He said there were likely THOUSANDS of bees!!!

But, they seemed to be mostly gone again. So I guess the queen was like, “We are not impressed.” They don’t seem to be back today.

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