Inglewood to Pasadena? Why?

It’s a really really long story. Our son is extremely smart. I can say that because our genetics had nothing to do with it.

We researched schools like crazy. We were enormously disappointed to find that people are forced to choose between diversity and high academic rigor, especially when looking for a school with a large African American population.  It’s ugly, it’s embarrassing, it’s upsetting, and we both hated to see that it was true.

We were forced to decide which would be more important to our son: academics or diversity. We chose academics and hoped that we could shore up diversity in other areas of our life.

My fear was that if we sent our son to the largely African American private school near our old neighborhood that he would be bored and get into trouble. The diversity wouldn’t have been a benefit to him if he was in trouble and ironically falling behind academically. I understand that many people disagree with that call.

We researched and worked hard to find a neighborhood to replace what we had in Windsor Hills. As the time crunch tightened, we decided to rent a condo as close to school as possible. It used to take about 30 min to drive our son to school each way, now it takes 4. We knew the neighborhood was largely white, but we also knew it was temporary.

At this point be believe we made the right decision. Our son is thriving like crazy at his school. Out of 40 kids in his Kindergarten class, 4 are African American (the best number we saw) and several are Asian, 1 is Indian, 1 is part Indian, 1 is Middle Eastern, 1 is half Mexican. His class actually turned out to be fairly diverse.

In addition, he is challenged academically, surrounded by highly intelligent kids from families that prioritize learning. When the school  asks for volunteers, they often remind us to give some other people a chance to volunteer and to not be greedy and hog lots of opportunities. This level of involvement is HIGHLY unusual. And HIGHLY beneficial for the kids.


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