In our search for a mostly black baseball team for Luc, we joined the Pasadena Pony League. Luc played with this organization last year and it was pretty diverse and had several black kids. This year it is mostly Latino and that has been a huge treat! It woke us up to the fact that we have been so focused on the black/white race issue that we neglected to seek out Latino friends. What a loss!

We asked the team if they would like to have a party at our house in the hopes of getting to know everyone better. They said yes! Then the suggestions started coming in for a pot luck (yes!), carne asada (yay!), and a piñata! The opportunity to get to know everyone better is fantastic, and they are going to bring their culture into our home! I’m so excited!!

This group has turned out to be one of the most exceptional, kind, caring, family oriented group of parents I have had the privilege of knowing. One kid gets to have his extended family at every game. I envy him a little. He has uncles, aunties, grand parents at every game. They are so much fun. His abuela hollers when he swings at high pitches: “Oh mijo! It’s not a piñata!”

So, today is the day, and they will be here at noon. And I have a lot of prep work.

But I also want to get my notes and posts up about the Civil Rights tour experience so that I don’t lose them.

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