The Rules: Laundry

5am Stealth Laundry

5am Stealth Laundry

There is a strict laundry room schedule here. I was not allowed to participate in the making of the schedule, but I am required to adhere to it OR ELSE! The scheduled laundry times for our unit are:

Mondays and Wednesdays: 8:00 am – 10:00 am

If that is insufficient for my family of 3 including two exercising adults and a 6 year old boy, I am permitted to hope for the best during the free times:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
    tough luck!
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

So, the ONLY people in the complex who are NOT retired and have little league games are permitted to do laundry when? During business hours or little league games.

Early on, in my naive days, I asked if we could change the schedule to accomodate a working family with a small child.  Nope! Please? Nope! Okay, so I started waking myself up at 5am to do our laundry. And they yelled at me.

Fortunately, I am nothing if not sleuthy … and unemployed. Through careful deduction, I have learned that there is a secret, dare I say scandalous! gap in the laundry schedule. Somehow Carlos managed to wrangle loads (pun intended) of laundry slots even though (wait for iiiiit) he has laundry machines in his unit!! Bam! So, I mentally added all of his times to my schedule. Problem solved?

Well, one shady day, I was covertly taking care of my laundry when someone showed up! The very person who had refused to adjust my laundry schedule: the head of the HOA. Evidently he also knew about the Laundry Loophole.  We have silently agreed to accomodate each other during the Carlos Hours. At least I think we have…

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  1. Oscar Daniels

    I have enjoyed your entries so much. Thank you for sharing them with the world and me. :-)


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