8:47 AM

I'm smiling while I commandeer your laundry time.

I’m smiling while I commandeer your laundry time.

“Did you brush your teeth?”
“Get your shoes and wait on the porch when you are ready.”
“I’m almost done with his lunch!”
“Daddy where are your shoes?”
“Who didn’t eat their breakfast?”
“Are you playing or getting ready?”
“Do you know why I’m so strong? I have 640 muscles.”
“Are you going to the bank today?”
“I have meetings. I’ll go tomorrow.”
“Knock knock?”
“Who said that? Is somebody at the door?”
“Hi! It’s Jon. I know it’s your laundry time, but I need the machines for an hour this morning. Okay?”
Stunned silence.
“Sure, okay.”
“Thanks! Buy guys.”

Wait wait wait wait. Wait. What? The exact same guy who refused to let me change my laundry time to non-business hours while I was working has just commandeered my laundry time?

I need a minute.

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