Should I Always Answer?

* * * I struggle to push these posts live. I wrote this one several years ago. I’m trying to be brave. Trying to publish more raw, unedited posts. Here goes. * * *

In May, I participated in a small, intense Civil Rights tour. We followed some of the path that the Freedom Riders took back in the 1960’s. The group was diverse in age, personality, profession, and about 50/50 black/white, and male/female. We all learned a lot. We all continue to process what we saw and experienced.

About a month after the trip, I visited my parents in Georgia with my son and husband. It was a challenging trip. There were a lot of questions asked in accusatory tones like, “Why is it okay to say HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) and not HWCU? That’s racist.”

When someone asks me a question like that, I assume they want an answer. Usually, though, they don’t.

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