When Can I Say Nope?

Sometimes I just can’t. I know that’s a t-shirt, but really I don’t feel like I can write about the enormous pile of poop that life is sometimes. It’s so hard that it is entertaining to watch from outside. Few people want to be in it with us though.

The situations we face are often unpleasant, scary, frustrating, and intimidating. And when they are, I have to put on my “War Music” playlist, roll up my sleeves, swallow the tears, and “fight.”

Today I’m navigating wanting to keep an honest blog, but also feeling like it’s none of anyone’s damn business what I’m going through as a mom, or what Luc is going through as a young Black male in this messed up, ignorant, racist, backwards world.

You know what? I love you for reading this blog. And I’m thankful. But today it’s just none of your business. I’m sorry. Is that okay?

FYI: Current “War Music” Playlist…

Sound of Da Police by KRS-One

Lose Yourself by Eminem

You Can’t Stop Me by Andy Mineo

Electric Pow Wow Drum by A Tribe Called Red

Say I Won’t by Lacrae

Conqueror by Estelle

New Man Theme by Mr. Lif

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