Why Is The Barber Shop Critical?

There’s an essence to being a Black man. Young Black Boys form their own essence by being around Black men when it’s safe for them to let their guards down, in places where Black men can be just… men. And the key experience a young Black boy must soak in so he can become a Black man is the barbershop.

Luc and Reed’s trip to their barbershop today:

Owner: “How is Batman so strong when he doesn’t have any powers?”

Patron: “He’s got the suit.”

Owner: “No, I get how the suit protects him from harm. But the strength! Where’s he get that Superman-like strength?”

Patron: “I’m telling you, it’s the suit.”

Owner: “I’ll concede the suit gives him protection. But no suit gives a man that kind of strength. Look at him fighting right alongside all those superheroes with real powers.”

Barber: “It’s not the suit.”

Patron: “What do you mean ‘It’s not the suit’? Of course it’s the suit! What else could it be??”

Barber: “He’s quick.”

Owner: “But ‘quick’ doesn’t give you strength to grab a guy like that. That’s not fast, that’s strong. Pure and simple.”

Patron: “Its the suit.”

Barber: “It’s not the suit!”

Owner: “Fabric can’t give a no-super power man all that strength. Where does he get the physical strength to throw a huge villain like that?”

Luc: “He’s Batman.


Owner: “I’m with that young man.”

Patron: “That’s it.”

Barber: “Yup.”

The End.

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