Kindness Angle

Killin' 'em with kindness...

Killin’ ’em with kindness…

I’ve started seeking the people out who complain about us. I dropped some sweets and a card off at The Count’s unit. His wife (the personableness polar opposite of The Count, she is really sweet) called and thanked me perfusely. Unfortunately, The Count still refuses to acknowledge my existence unless he wants to yell at me.

A sample conversation:
Al: Good morning, [The Count]! (I say his real name)
The Count: …
Al: How are you doing today?
The Count: …

For I.T. John, I dropped off cookies and a card with a red sports car. I haven’t heard anything from him. So I just keep smiling and waving eagerly.

I jump to my feet and say hello and ask about the upcoming wedding, the recent cataract surgery, etc whenever I see the couple who complained about our using the pool area at the same time as them on Memorial Day. They seem to be warming up. He came in and used the pool while we were there last week. I hoped that was a good sign. Goose, gander … right?

In my dreams?

In my dreams?

Since I can’t help driving all of them crazy, my best bet is to make it so they can’t stay mad at me for long. Either I’m killing them (literally?) with kindness or they think I am simple in the head. Either way, life is more peaceful.

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