Allison Garwood once pulled her groin muscle by slipping on a banana peel in the Target parking lot. Only a very few elite humorists have reached this level of authenticity. An adoptive mom and former comic strip creator (NEUROTICA and Haiku Ewe, Universal Uclick syndicate), Allison explores messy conversations about race with the nimbleness of a landlocked sea cow.

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Q: “Do you mind if I ask- I don’t know, maybe I shouldn’t, but…”

A: That hesitation is your your instincts begging you to stop. For you, our adoption story is an entertaining way to satisfy curiosity. However, our story is deeply personal, and filled with heartache and trauma. If you feel that morbid curiosity creeping up, and you just have to dive into someone else’s pain, maybe watch Dear Zachary instead.

Q: When did you get him? What’s that story?

We brought Luc home two months before the earthquake in Haiti. Yes, it was surreal. Yes, it was traumatic. Yes, it totally changed our lives. Luc has been home since November 1, 2009. For the second question, please see FAQ #1.

Q: Do you know anything about his real mom?
A: I sure do! She is a lovely creative type who grew up in Atlanta, GA. She enjoys surfing, reading, and chilling with her family. She writes a fabulous blog about her life. And tea. She loves tea. Her name is Allison Garwood.

Q: Why are you so obstinate when people tell you how wonderful you are for adopting?
A: This post: “What I Want You To Know About Loss and Adoption” explains it beautifully on Kristen Howerton’s blog Rage Against the Minivan.

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